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Just A  Bit About Me

I am a believer and follower of Christ. It's important to let that be known.  It's my faith that has saved me and sustained me.

In addition, I am a comic book nerd.  I love movies.  I like to sing and write.  My guilty pleasure is reality tv shows.  I believe that there are valuable lessons that can be learned from Star Trek.  Yes, I said Star Trek.

I am the very proud mom of a wonderful son.  He is my joy and light.  I know that I am a better person because of the blessing that he is to me.

My heart is for helping people realize their dreams and goals.  With that purpose, I have started the path to establishing a non-profit, called 3 Cords of Love.  When we stand together, we stand stronger.  I truly believe this.  I think about grassroots movements from decades past.  It was a combination of people who had the experience, connections or audience with people who had the desire.  Lives were changed by the merging of experience with that fire.


I also have a desire to help others better understand the Bible.  So, I invite you check out the Understanding the Bible blog that I have.  Have you tried reading the Bible in one year?  If not, you should.

I look forward to you getting to learn more about me.  Toodles!!!

Just A Bit
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