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Have you looked for a way to dig into the Word?  Have you also wanted to understand how the Word can speak to your soul? Have you ever wanted to ask someone to help you understand the most comprehensive instruction book that we have ever had? Would you believe that God has a plan for you in His Word?  Would you believe that you have a testimony to share?  Would you believe that we ALL have the ability to share the Good News of God's Love and Grace?  Would you believe that God has given you a talent, a skill and an ability to share your talent or skill?  Would you believe that you are a Friend of God?  Would you believe that God is jealous for you?  Would you believe that God loves you so much that He sent is only son to take your place at Calvary?  Do you believe that you have been REDEEMED, that you were purchased by the One True God? Would you? Do you?

If you can't believe any of these things, I want to share with you that the Bible teaches us that we should definitely believe in these things and so much more!

Invite you to share your desire to grow and learn with others!  Share your passion for Christ!


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